Why FunPrime?

FunPrime Technologies is a home to many talented individuals. We believe in bringing out the best in each of us. We do not believe our employees need to work in only their respective domain. We make sure that each and every employee gets to work in other domains. We prefer smart work rather than hard work. We believe in open communication and complete trust with a firm commitment. In short, we are a one big happy family with strong ambitions and commitments. So you are welcomed on Board.

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Career Values At FunPrime

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Work Life Balance

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Global Exposure

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Dynamic Work Style

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Financial Benefits

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Team Work

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Healthy Priorities

Opportunities At FunPrime

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Android Developers

2 Slots

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Graphic Designer

1 Slots

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Digital Content Writer

2 Slots


Unity Developers

1 Slots

Hiring Track

Step 1

Make A Request

To be a part of the FunMax family, you will need to fill the form to make a request. You can find the form below of this page.


Step 2


You will be contacted via email/phone in case you get shortlisted. You will be contacted via email or your phone number within 7 working days.


Step 3

Intro Call

The next step is to invite you for an intro call. It is the same as an interview. We get to know each other and ask some basic questions.

Step 4

Task Assigned

In case you get shortlisted after initial intro call/interview then the hiring team will assign you a basic task that you would have to submit in the desired timeline.


Step 5

Final Call

After the inspection of assigned task if you are shortlisted, you will be notified by the HR department about your joining date and other details.


Step 6

Joining Day

With a brief intro of other staff you are welcomed in the team.

Thats how simple it is to be a part of our family!!

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